Bill the cat

or not...

You may have noticed that there is nowhere on this site where I actually say who I am, where I live, and all the other shit you would usually expect to find on a site like Facebook. Although you wouldn't necessarily have to posses a large IQ to figure some of it out. I'm assuming if you came here you already know me, cause my name ain't pigsmoke. Beyond that, there is no way for you to comment on any of the photo's, no blog where you can reply to my remarks, and no forum for sharing your thoughts. This isn't even a normal contact page where you can spew off an email to me by just clicking a button. In short, this web site does not accept input from you. I did this on purpose and there are two reasons for it,

  1. I don't want your input
  2. it greatly reduces the amount of spam I get

I will throw this out there, an image of a qrcode. They're ubiquitous. You probably have a smart phone with a qrcode app. If so, point it at the screen your staring at now and scan it. Of course, if your viewing this web page from your smart phone I guess your screwed.


As far as I know, they haven't figured out a way to identify a qrcode embedded in an image file, decipher it to get the information it contains and start automatically spamming my email address with ads for cheap viagra and vibrating butt plugs, although I'm sure someone is working on it. When they figure it out I'll take this page down.